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      Slim tumblers are now available

      Slim tumblers are now available

      Hello all.  Chris here.  We are happy to announce that we are now offering Slim 20oz Tumblers of various designs and styles.  When we decided to add these to the website, we wanted to make sure they would be good quality and the colors so vivid that they scream look at me.  

      After we did our first test tumbler, we were so happy at the results and we decided right then and there to offer these on the website as soon as possible.  

      Since we are a small Mom and Pop business, we don't mind sharing some of the details about how we do things and the equipment that we use.  All the information is available on the internet, so why try to hide it right?  So with that said, here's how we did these and what equipment we used.  

      The Equipment - For this, we did a little research to make sure we were getting an oven that was big enough to handle not only the slim tumblers, but also coffee cups and anything else that we thought we might look at in the near future.  We chose the Oster French Countertop Convection Oven (details).   The interior of the oven was more than tall enough to handle the height of the slim tumbles.  The reason I bring this up is because some convection ovens are too short.  That means that you will have to lay your tumbler on it's side while in the oven and then rotate it after a few minutes.  We didn't want to do this.  The more you times you have to mess with something or touch it, the easier it is for something to go wrong.  And with sublimation, if an error or goof-up happens, then that item is wasted and can't be used again. 

      Oster Convection Oven


      The Process - This is actually the easiest part of the whole project.  For this part, we used the following items:

      • Wagner Heat gun (details)
      • 1 Heat Shrink Sleeve (details)
      • 1 20oz Blank Slim Tumbler (details)
      • 1 pair heat gloves (details)
      • 1 design that you want on the tumbler

      Note: Make sure to wear your gloves.  The heat gun puts out a lot of heat and it can burn you.  So please be careful when you use it.

      Tape your design on the tumbler and make sure to line it up as straight as possible.  This is important as the seams won't match on the back side of the tumbler when you are finished.  Tap the paper down, making sure it is straight and tight.  Slide the taped tumbler in the heat sleeve and then use the heat gun to shrink the sleeve around the tumbler.  Make sure the sleeve is tight and there are no tears or bubbles. 

      Pre-heat the convection oven to 475 degrees.  Put the tumbler in standing up and set a timer for 7 minutes.   (Note: Your temps and times might vary.  This is what works for us.  YMMV) 

      Unwrapping the tumbler -

      While wearing your gloves, pull the tumbler out of the convection oven carefully.  You can let your tumbler cool or if you are excited to see how it looks (like we were), start pulling off the heat sleeve and the sublimation paper carefully.

      And there you have it.   How to sublimate your very own slim tumbler.  Just remember to practice and take your time while doing this.  You can get severly burned and hurt.  Make sure you use all the proper precautions.  

      Be sure to comment below and let us know what you think and post any pics if you've done your own tumblers.  We'd be happy to see them.